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Cold's the Wind and Wet's the Rain St. Hugh be our good speed Ill is the weather than bringesth no gain, Nor helps good hearts in need. Hey down a-down, hey down a-down Hey derry derry down a-down Ho! well done, to me let come, Ring compass, gentle joy Troll the bowl, the nut-brown bowl, And here, kind mate, to thee! Let's sing a dirge for Saint Hugh's soul, And drown it merrily
Now Robin lend to me thy bow Sweet Robin lend thy bow to me For I must now a-hunting to my lady go With my sweet Lady
There were three rauens sat on a tree, downe a downe, hay downe, hay downe, There were three rauens sat on a tree, with a downe, There were three rauens sat on a tree, They were as blacke as they might be. With a downe, derrie, derrie, derrie, downe, downe. The one of them said to his mate, Where shall we our breakfast take? Downe in yonder greene field, There lies a Knight slain under his shield, His hounds they lie downe at his feete, So well they can their Master keepe, His Hawkes they flie so eagerly, There's no fowle dare him come nie Downe there comes a fallow Doe, As great with yong as she might goe, She lift up his bloudy head, And kist his wounds that were so red, She got him up upon her backe, And carried him to earthen lake, She buried him before the prime, She was dead her self ere euen-song time. God send euery gentleman, Such haukes, such hounds, and such a Leman.
Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes: Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange. Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell: Ding-dong. Hark! now I hear them,—ding-dong, bell.
Where the bee sucks, there suck I: In a cowslip’s bell I lie; There I couch when owls do cry. On the bat’s back I do fly After summer merrily. Merrily, merrily shall I live now Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.
The master, the swabber, the boatswain, and I, the gunner and his mate loved Moll, Meg, and Marian, and Marjorie, but none of us cared for Kate. For she had a tongue with a tang, would cry to a sailor, 'Go hang!' She loved not the savour of tar nor of pitch, yet a tailor might scratch her where'er she did itch. Then to see boys and let her go hang! The master, the swabber, the boatswain, and I, the gunner and his mate loved Moll, Meg, and Marian, and Marjorie, but none of us cared for Kate.
Basse or Ground: Sing after, fellows, as you heare me, A toy that seldome is seene a. Three country dances in one to be, A prety conceit as I weene a. Tenor: Robin Hood, Robin Hood, said little John, Come dance before the Queene a, In a redde Petticote, and a greene jacket, A white hose and a greene a. Medius: The crampe is in my purse full sore, No money will bide there in a; And if I had some salve therefore, O lightly then would I sing a, Hey hoe, the Crampe a! Cantus: Now foote it as I do, Tom boy, Tom, Now foot it as I doe, Swithen a; And Hicke, thou must tricke it all alone, Till Robin come leaping in betweene a.
Gigue 01:36


This EP features recordings used in Calaveras Repertory Theatre's production of Shakespeare's The Tempest, which was mounted in March 2000. The material ranges from pieces traditionally associated with Shakespeare and this play (Where The Bee Sucks, Full Fathom Five), to other historic pieces, including the medieval melodies The Caged Bird and Rosa Das Rosas, and the Baroque era Gigue by Pachelbel. Some of these tracks, or versions of them, where used during the play itself, while others were played pre-show and between acts.

"I collaborated with John Ribovich's Calaveras Repertory Theatre many times,' Michael explains, "both musically and in creating graphic materials. It was always fun to see what we could bring to John's excellent productions, and the work Susan and I did for The Tempest has always stood out as something special. It is a pleasure to be able to share these recordings now, and remember CRT's great production."


released May 7, 2021

Susan Worland - violin & arrangements.
Michael Bentley - keyboard, flute, percussion, voice, arrangements, & production.
Recorded at Beehaus in February 2000, remastered April 2021.
Cover image taken from an engraving by Gustave Doré.



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The Foundry Berkeley, California

The Foundry was begun, originally, as an outlet for Michael Bentley's chapbooks in the mid-80s. It grew to include audio releases in the mid-90s, and now serves as an umbrella for artistic ventures from Bentley and his collaborators.

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