1. The Tempest EP
    Susan Worland & Michael Bentley

  2. Import
    eM (M. Bentley)

  3. Invisibility
    Forrest Fang + Carl Weingarten

  4. Lost Horizons

  5. Miscellany
    Michael Bentley

  6. Port Klang EP
    Michael Bentley

  7. The Wheel / Lucifer's Song
    Charles Browning / Michael Bentley

  8. A.D. (Complete and Unfinished)
    The Apiary (Michael Bentley)

  9. Broken Moments EP
    Michael Bentley

  10. 2003. A Foundry Mix.

  11. Archai
    Michael Bentley

  12. Hidden Topographies
    Rhomb (Nathan Kreisberg & Michael Bentley)

  13. Descent
    The Apiary (Michael Bentley)

  14. A Thousand Glistening Snail Trails
    Michael Bentley

  15. Accretions + (The Complete Mollusk)

  16. All The Stars Burning Bright (expanded)
    eM (Michael Bentley)

  17. Greater Than Zero, Less Than One (expanded)
    eM (Michael Bentley)

  18. Sketch vs. eM
    Sketch / eM

  19. The Sky Within The Ground

  20. Equilibrium
    Ben Swire

  21. Outward
    eM (Michael Bentley)

  22. Fluidities
    Jonathan Hughes with guests

  23. Trillium
    Jonathan Hughes

  24. Vast
    Saul Stokes

  25. sub.terra (An Interstitial Project)
    Interstitial, Vir Unis, vidnaObmana, Saul Stokes, M. Bentley

  26. 360° (A Foundry Project)
    Rhomb, eM, Jonathan Hughes, High Skies, Mark Van Hoen, Seofon, Sketch, Thermal, Kim Cascone

  27. Bibimbap (An Archipelago Project)
    Ben Swire/Saul Stokes/Forrest Fang/M. Bentley/Earwicker/Chris de Giere/Thermal/Dean Santomieri

  28. Thing Asunder (A Foundry Project)
    M. Bentley / Earwicker / Ben Swire / Steve Brand

  29. This World
    M. Bentley (eM/Michael Bentley)

  30. Lost And Found (A Foundry Anthology)
    eM/M. Bentley, Seofon, Dean Santomieri, Jonathan Hughes, Rhomb, The Apiary, Mollusk

  31. The Boy Beneath The Sea
    Dean Santomieri

  32. Zero Point (An Ambient Temple of Imagination Project)
    Seofon + vidnaObmana + Steve Roach + Stephen Kent + Robert Rich + Not Breathing + Thermal

  33. Lunatic (Islands #1)

  34. Pikoliftor (Islands #2)

  35. Immanent (Islands #3)

  36. Span (Islands #4)

  37. Crude Rotation (Islands #5)
    Dean Santomieri

  38. Click Pop (Islands #6)
    eM (Michael Bentley)

  39. Mote (A Foundry Project)
    eM/M. Bentley, Rhomb, Susan Worland

  40. Motor Sessions

  41. Djinn
    eM (Michael Bentley)


The Foundry Berkeley, California

The Foundry was begun, originally, as an outlet for Michael Bentley's chapbooks in the mid-80s. It grew to include audio releases in the mid-90s, and now serves as an umbrella for artistic ventures from Bentley and his collaborators.

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