1. Archai
    Michael Bentley

  2. A Thousand Glistening Snail Trails
    Michael Bentley

  3. Sketch vs. eM
    Sketch / eM

  4. Saul Stokes - Vast
    Saul Stokes

  5. Egocentric - The Sky Within The Ground

  6. Jonathan Hughes & guests - Fluidities
    Jonathan Hughes with guests

  7. Bibimbap (An Archipelago Project)
    Ben Swire/Saul Stokes/Forrest Fang/M. Bentley/Earwicker/Chris de Giere/Thermal/Dean Santomieri

  8. sub.terra (An Interstitial Project)
    Interstitial, Vir Unis, vidnaObmana, Saul Stokes, M. Bentley

  9. Ben Swire - Equilibrium
    Ben Swire

  10. Jonathan Hughes - Trillium
    Jonathan Hughes

  11. 360° (A Foundry Project)
    Rhomb, eM, Jonathan Hughes, High Skies, Mark Van Hoen, Seofon, Sketch, Thermal, Kim Cascone

  12. Mollusk - Accretions

  13. Dean Santomieri - The Boy Beneath The Sea
    Dean Santomieri

  14. Dean Santomieri - Crude Rotation
    Dean Santomieri

  15. eM - Motor Sessions

  16. Mote (A Foundry Project)
    eM/M. Bentley, Rhomb, Susan Worland

  17. Thing Asunder (A Foundry Project)
    M. Bentley / Earwicker / Ben Swire / Steve Brand

  18. Lost And Found (A Foundry Anthology)
    eM/M. Bentley, Seofon, Dean Santomieri, Jonathan Hughes, Rhomb, The Apiary, Mollusk

  19. M. Bentley - This World
    M. Bentley (eM/Michael Bentley)

  20. eM - All The Stars Burning Bright
    eM (Michael Bentley)

  21. eM - Outward
    eM (Michael Bentley)

  22. eM - Greater Than Zero, Less Than One
    eM (Michael Bentley)

  23. eM - Djinn
    eM (Michael Bentley)

  24. Zero Point (An Ambient Temple of Imagination Project)
    Seofon + vidnaObmana + Steve Roach + Stephen Kent + Robert Rich + Not Breathing + Thermal

  25. Rhomb - Hidden Topographies
    Rhomb (Nathan Kreisberg & Michael Bentley)

  26. The Apiary - Descent
    The Apiary (Michael Bentley)


The Foundry Berkeley, California

The Foundry was begun, originally, as an outlet for Michael Bentley's chapbooks in the mid-80s. It grew to include audio releases in the mid-90s, and now serves as an umbrella for artistic ventures from Bentley and his collaborators.

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